Useful Documents

Self Declaration for "Casual Helpers"

This self-declaration would not be suitable for those wishing to help more frequently than once a month or those helping with residential experiences involving an overnight stay or those offering home hospitality. Forward them onto your Group Scout Leader.

Young Person Information Form

(Editable PDF)

For young people joining. Useful for gathering information about additional needs etc.

Adult Information Form.

For adults joining as a volunteer, you must complete this form and forward onto your Group Scout Leader for processing.

Nights Away Notification (NAN) form.

For leaders to obtain the necessary approval

Photography Consent

It is good practice to obtain parental permission before publishing images or recordings of children. This is frequently achieved by including the following paragraph in the child's personal details form:

On occasions, photographs, videos and audio of Scouts taking part in activities may be submitted to the local newspapers, the Group, District or Region newsletters or websites, or put on display. If you have any objections please indicate you are not willing for your child's image to be used in this way by ticking the box.