Changes to District Directory

21st October 2018

Changes to Data Protection (GDPR) legislation mean that we are probably no longer compliant.

The Deeside District Executive Committee has agreed to operate a "scaled-down" version of the Directory. Not all adults in District will be invited to be included in the Directory - only those with key roles such as District officers, Commissioners, Group Scout Leaders and Section Leaders (or contacts). However, any adult with a Scouting role in Deeside District can ask to be added to the Directory. Only those adults listed on the Directory will have access to it.

One of the key features of GDPR is that of positive opt-in. This means that we can no longer assume that you are happy to be listed in the Directory if you simply don't object.

For technical reasons, we will be asking each individual if they wish to remain listed in the revised District Directory (even if you have previously given permission).

The information published in the password-protected Directory will be Name (usually known-by first name and family name), Location (e.g. District, 1st Torphins), Role (e.g. District Secretary, BSL), Email address (preferred address for Scouting), Preferred Phone (landline or mobile), Second phone (landline or mobile, if necessary). No other information will be collected or displayed. In the Directory, volunteers with more than one role in Scouting will be listed separately for each role. Only one permission per individual is required. If the information on Scouting roles is incorrect, please notify the District Secretary (and if necessary the Appointments Secretary).

Your current username and password will remain unchanged. You can get a reminder of your username from the District Secretary at If you have forgotten your password, a reset opportunity can be sent to the email address which is on file. You can request this password reset on the Member Login page.

In order to comply with the legislation, the Directory needs to remain up-to-date. Initially, information will be collected from Compass records, but individuals can log-in and amend their own personal details under "Menber Area". (If necessary, please also update your Compass record.) If you leave Scouting, as well as informing the Appointments Secretary at, you should also contact the District Secretary so your information can be removed from the Directory, at which time your password will no longer work.

During the next couple of weeks, the District Secretary will be contacting each adult individually requesting consent for their information to be included. Initially this will be by email. Please reply to this as promptly as possible, clearly giving your consent for inclusion in the District Directory.

The District Directory currently remains accessible to those who have previously received passwords. It will be updated as permissions are received. Over the next few weeks those who have not been selected to remain listed, and those who decline to give their permission for inclusion, will be deleted. If anyone currently listed wishes to be removed, please contact the District Secretary.

A statement on Deeside District's Privacy Policy can be found here. Key features include:

1)  The purpose of the Deeside District Directory will be to aid communication in Scouting.

2)  Information will never be passed on to outside sources.