Support and Communication

Technology, Support and Communication in Scouting

with particular reference to Deeside District

"Informed and in Contact"


Scouting Websites

The Scouts UK website has a tremendous amount of information to help us in our roles. And there are links to even more!

After following this link, or entering into your browser search box, simply hit the "members" button at upper right. You will see the Member Resource options on the sidebar at the left. There is no need to log-in to investigate further.

However, the "members only" options (in green, top right) do require a log-in to access.

Compass will be discussed below.

Disclosures: This link is not applicable in Scotland.

POL: Programmes Online (POL) allows you to search for activity ideas and create your own programmes. Use your Compass log-in details to enter POL.

Print Centre: In Print Centre you can access libraries of Scouting videos and photographs as well as artwork to help you design posters, flyers etc. Log-in here is slightly different. Use the same username as in Compass but this time your password consists of your full 8-digit membership number (including leading zeros) enclosed in brackets, e.g. (00345678).

The Scouts Scotland website has information about Scouting in Scotland. This is where you find out about support from Scottish HQ, learn about opportunities to join camps, read the Scottish Variations to P.O.R. and so on. Go and explore.

Log in to to make contact with Regional support (e.g. help with Activity Permits) and to discover what is going on in NE Scotland. Remember that Region, as well as District, is there to support you. Make use of them.


Deeside on Facebook

Deeside has not one, but two, Facebook Pages:

Deeside District Scouts is a “closed group”. You have to join if you want to post. This is where events can be advertised, photos and ideas shared and generally Leaders keep in touch.

Deeside Scouts, Scotland is an open page. Anyone can contribute. This is where we introduce ourselves to the whole world and tell everyone what we have achieved.

Deeside Explorers also have a Facebook presence. However, this is not accessible to the public. If you wish to participate you need to be invited by an Explorer Scout.


The Deeside District Membership Directory

In Compass, you can find contact details for other Members - but only at your level in the heirarchy and below, and only at your Section or Group (depending on your role in Scouting).

Deeside District has a fully searchable Directory which allows you to find out who your fellow Leaders are - throughout the District! Addresses are not shown in the Directory. Information held against each Member consists of location, appointment, email address and (maximum 2) phone numbers.

The District Directory, which is in the Member Area of this website, is password protected. You will be given a password when you join and are put on the Directory. If you are a member of Scouting in Deeside and do not have access to the Directory, please contact

You can update your contact details (email and phone numbers) and password yourself. Log on and click "update details" in the Member Area.

Please inform the District Secretary ( of any errors and both the Secretary and Appointments Secretary ( of any changes in role or if you leave Scouting.

Using the District Directory

To access the District Directory, go to the Deeside District website, log in at "Member Login", and choose "District Directory" in the drop-down menu under "Member Area".

When you first enter the Directory, you are given the first page (25 entries) of the complete listing. You can either move to different pages (using the controls at the bottom of the page) or select the number of entries to be displayed, including "show all entries".

The default listing shows members in a hierarchical order. This allows you to search for Group and Sectional teams, for example. Each team is ordered so that the team leader (e.g. Cub Scout Leader) is displayed first. At the top of the list are Members of the Regional Team. Then members with District roles are listed, following by the Explorer Units and then each Group in alphabetical order.

If a member has more than one role, they will have an entry for each role.

Clicking the header at the top of each column forces the listing to become ordered alphabetically according to the contents of that column. For example, clicking "Member" orders the entries by (first) name. Another click reverses that order.

There are various search functions, including a drop-down list of Groups and Units etc and buttons for selecting Sections. These can be combined. So, choosing "1st Aboyne" with "Beavers" will list the Beaver Leaders at Aboyne. Don't forget to hit the green box "Search Members" to activate your search (and don't forget to clear search criteria before starting another search).

Typing in the "Search:" box will search the entire database for your alphanumeric string. This is a good way of searching for individuals.

It is possible to construct a distribution list if your mailing app will allow this. Click the "Mailing list" box against each member to be included. Then choose the blue "Send mail list to mail app" box. A new mail message will be created with your selection already showing in the "To" box. Don't forget to clear the Mailing List boxes before you start your next list. (Logging out of the Members Area will clear any lists.)

When you have finished using the District Directory, please log out of the Member's Area.


Pointing you in the right direction with:


Compass is The Scout Association’s member database. Compass has had a bad press – and it is still far from perfect. But don’t let that put you off. It does work! However, currently it only holds records of adult volunteers. (Rumours suggest it will always be so.)

Registering and Logging in:
To register with Compass, go to the Members area of, click the green "Compass" box and choose "Register with Compass before you log in for the first time". You will need your membership number at this point. Also on the login page there are links for forgotten usernames etc. There is also a link to the Support Site which will help you with registering and logging in (and many other Compass tasks).
If you do not know your membership number, ask your Section Leader, GSL, Training Adviser or Appointments Secretary who should be able to log on and review your details.

Getting Started with Compass:
At the top of the opening page you will see your role. If you have multiple roles you must make a selection using the arrow in the drop-down box.
The options underneath the role name depend on your role. For example, the ADC(AT) and District Training Advisers and Commissioner can access all the training records in District through the “Training” button here.
If you hit “My Profile” you get another row of options. Data in the Personal Details, including Contact Details, can be edited. (See below.) The “Training” button (in “My Profile”) takes you to your own training record, which you cannot edit yourself (bad luck!)
This is just a taster. Go and explore!

Compass Online Help:
On the log-in page there is a link to the support pages, which include Videos, User Guides, FAQs and Latest Updates. A good place to start is the “Support” link. Choose the area of Compass that you wish to explore. For example, under “My Profile” you will find a video about navigating your data and editing details as well as a Quick Start diagram and several User Guides for specific functions.

Checking and Editing your Profile:
Data protection legislation requires our database to be “accurate and up-to-date”. It is your responsibility to keep your personal information current. (Editable sections have an “edit” button top right. Don’t forget to “save” – bottom right). Notice that certain fields in your personal details, such as ethnicity, are “required” to help Scouting ensure that its membership is representative of the local community.
Mailing preferences (under “Communications”) default to “no”, i.e. you get nothing from The Scout Association (TSA) unless you “opt-in”. I strongly recommend Scouting magazine which is full of great ideas. A digital version is available. Scouting Plus keeps you aware of what is going on and is worth having. Choose only those Optional TSA Emails that are of interest or relevance to your role.
Whilst you are logged in to Compass, you should:

  1. Add your picture (“avatar”) – as long as it is recognisable as you.
  2. Make sure you have a “known by” name – even if it is the same as your first name. (Preferred or known-by names are very useful in searches and listings.)
  3. Switch the options ON in “Visibility” – if you don’t mind being found in searches made by other leaders at your level but outside your hierarchy.
  4. Include some information in your Emergency Contact.

Who Can Do What?
The access you have to Compass is determined by the role(s) that you hold and where you sit in the hierarchy (e.g. your Section, Group or District).
You are able to view all the information that is held against your name. You can edit personal details but not things like appointment details or training records. This information is entered by authorised users such as Appointment Secretaries or Training Advisers. If you believe this information is incorrect, you should contact the appropriate person.
In general, members can view other members at the same level in their hierarchy or below. Thus, Section Leaders can view members of their Section and the GSL can see everyone in their Group.

Important Notice:
The Scout Association undertakes NOT to make any membership data available to third parties unless it is legally obliged to do so.