The District Directory

30th November 2016

The District Directory

Many of you have asked for a District Directory so that you can see who's who in Deeside District. (We thought Compass might do the job, but most roles can only see a small part of the District structure.)

This Directory is not visible to the general public. Everyone who is listed in it has been (or soon will be) given a user name and password. This will allow access to the "Member Area" where the District Directory resides. (Log-in details issued for previous versions of the Directory will still work with this update.)

You can keep your information current by clicking "Update Details" under the Member Area heading. In constructing the Directory, we have tried to match the details given in Compass. If necessary, you may also need to update your contact details in Compass.

If you have forgotten your log-in details, there is an opportunity to ask for a reset. Go to the Member Login page. (You will need to supply the email addess that we have on file.)

The Directory is fully searchable, for example by Group, Section or individual name.

By default, the order in which members are displayed represents the District structure. Thus the Region and District roles come first, then the Groups. Within Groups, the Group roles, such as Executive Committee and GSL precede the Section roles; and within Sections, the Section Leader is listed before the Assistants.

Don't be concerned if you see a leader listed twice. It simply means they have two roles in Scouting.

By clicking column headers, the ordering can be changed to, for example, an alphabetical listing. The number of items displayed on each page can also be selected.

It is easy to create distribution lists for email addresses. Select the addressees by ticking the boxes next to their emails and then click "Send Mail List to Mail App".

Contact the District Secretary if you require further help with the Directory.

Contact the District Appointments Secretary and the District Secretary if you change roles or leave Scouting.